Welcome To #1 Rated Secret Formula Fitness
Secret Formula Fitness is located at 1192 Liberty Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey

We offer:

-1-on-1 Personal Training

-2-on-1 Personal Training (Coming soon)

-Small Group Training (SGT) (Coming soon)

-Private Yoga (Coming soon)

**All of our Fitness Programs are tailored to your Fitness Goals and Needs. The great thing about the Personal Training Programs at Secret Formula Fitness is that our highly skilled certified personal trainers are available to train with you as many times as you need per week as they guide you on our Fitness Roadmap to Success.

"All of Secret Formula Fitness Programs Includes:"

​-Nutritional Guidance which consists of a personalized meal plan and a detailed schedule for when to eat throughout the day for optimized weight loss.

​-Supplementation Advice for clients that feel like they need an extra boost while exercising

​-Custom Workouts tailored to you and your needs

-We will also Track and Record your Progress in terms of Weight loss, Body Fat loss and Most of all Strength

*Team Secret Formula Fitness will hold you accountable for following our Fitness Roadmap To Success !!!!!*

For more information and to set up a Consultation please fill out the form below.

*******1on1 Consultations are $30 and
2on1 Consultations are $40 basically ($20 per Person)******(Read Below)

***During the Consultation we will have a Personal Training Session to make sure this Program fits your needs & Goals, we will also take your Weight, Body Fat Percentage and go over your Health History.

***At the end of the session we will sit down and go over all of our Packages and Pricing and decide which package fits you and when you are ready to start your Fitness Journey.***

Yes, All of Secret Formula Fitness Packages are all affordable so no worries !!!

***This Consultation is a requirement before training with JayTheBody or any Trainer at Secret Formula Fitness****

***Consultations are Non-Refundable meaning if you cancel, you will have to schedule and pay for another consultation, due to the High Demand of JayTheBody and Secret Formula Fitness Services. Every slot is Valuable, we ask that you please be on time and prepared for your Consultation.****

***After Filling out the form below JayTheBody or a Trainer at Secret Formula Fitness will contact you to set up a consultation***

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