Rate Limit Adjustment Request
Before submitting a request, please read these two documents, and the rest of this text in its entirety.

Let's Encrypt Integration Guide: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/integration-guide/

Rate Limits: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/

Let's Encrypt is running a trial for accepting rate limit adjustment requests from entities hosting large numbers of domains. Specifically, we are accepting applications from entities with the following needs:

1) Certificates for more than 500 subdomains of a particular domain. Note that only subdomains are rate-limited, so if you have a large number of domains which are not subdomains you will most likely not need a rate limit adjustment.

2) A very large number of domains for which issuance requires more than 300 pending authorizations at any given time.

If your use case is not described above please do not use this form.

We will do our best to consider your application in a timely manner but we cannot guarantee acceptance or any form of response, except that if your application is accepted and your rate limit is adjusted you will receive an email notifying you. We reserve the right to reject applications at our discretion, and we are not able to offer the ability to inquire about your application at this time. We hope to provide more transparency as this system evolves.

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What type of service are you operating? (e.g. web hosting, CDN, device management) *
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How many total active certificates do you expect to need at any given time? Across how many different domains? *
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Do you operate all of the subdomains for which you'd like certificates, or do you create subdomains for third parties? *
What are ten example domains your service will request certificates for? *
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Do your services implement OCSP stapling, or plan to? *
Will HTTPS be enabled by default for your domains/users? *
If you have five or fewer registered domains, and need a large number of certificates for subdomains, please list the registered domains here, as well as how many certificates you expect to need per domain.
If you have more than five domains needing a large number of certificates for subdomains, skip this and go on to the next question.
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If you have more than five registered domains that have a large number of subdomains, please give us your ACME account registration ID (https://letsencrypt.org/docs/account-id/) and tell us how many certificates per domain you think you might need.
You can read about finding your ACME account ID here: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/account-id/
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Do you have more than 250,000 FQDNs needing certificates, and as a result do you need more than 300 pending authorizations at any given time? *
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