Summer BBQ Survey Confirmation
We're having a Summer BBQ and you're invited!

NYC Violin Studio is finally able to continue the tradition of hosting an annual Summer BBQ!

After you RSVP here, I'll send you the link to the BBQ Google Sheet so we can coordinate who can bring what for the potluck. If you're really good at making something, bring that! And if you're what I call a "grill master," mark it down too, so we can put your skills to the test.

The rooftop costs a few hundred dollars to rent out. If you're able to chip in $10-15 (or really, any amount), you'll see my personal paypal email on the potluck Google Sheet.
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This venue does have a capacity limit, so even though I'm all about a fun casual BBQ, I do kinda need to know when to stop inviting people!
If you'd like to attend, please list out the quantity and name of your guests so I can write it down on the guest list (the building requires it so the doorman can check it).
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