Carpenter Series 301: Spiritual Giftings Tendencies Profile
This questionnaire is intended to help identify and measure certain tendencies toward spiritual giftings and show the relationships between those tendencies. This is a measure of tendencies only. It is not an indicator of actual supernatural gifts and callings; this kind of knowledge is received through personal, ongoing relationship with God along with the guidance of spiritual oversight. In this questionnaire, you are showing what you believe to be true about yourself at the present time. Therefore, the results are not infallible or unchangeable. Gifts tendencies which seem now to be strong or weak may turn out to be measured differently in the future.

Please read each statement, then mark your personal identification with that statement as is shown in the available options. Some items have more than one clause. Perhaps you strongly identify with part of the statement but do not identify with the other part. Try to associate the two thoughts and understand how they may relate, then interpret the test item as a complete statement.

To give you the best results possible, please AVOID SELECTING #3! Imagine #3 is the top of the fence, and select whichever way you would lean on the question. This will help distinguish your stronger tendencies from the others.

Answer each item thoughtfully and with no sense of pressure. Should you have difficulty with an item, simply return to it later.

God bless you as you complete this profile!

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1. I enjoy and am quickly able to learn administrative skills such as planning, organizing, and delegating *
2. When God leads me to start something from scratch I stick with it no matter what may interfere *
3. I have a deep burden that the Church be pure and that individuals be truthful *
4. I can remember people's names and faces *
5. People have come to me in their need, affliction, or problem and have told me that they have been helped, relieved, or healed *
6. I am very disciplined about choosing not to entertain the negative thoughts that may come into my mind *
7. I often give more than the Bible requires, and in all my giving I feel I am specifically directed by God *
8. I find satisfaction in meeting people's needs by making things for them *
9. I find joy in praying for sick people *
10. One of the greatest privileges of my life is to be behind the scenes, assisting my pastor or leader in the ministry to which God has called him or her *
11. People seem to feel comfortable and at ease in my home, and my home is always open *
12. I desire to inspire others to have the same burden and discipline of prayer as I *
13. I long to be able to explain God's Word through an unknown tongue to others *
14. I am energized when I sense that other people are moving forward because of my influence *
15. Others reach out to those in need because they are inspired by my example of care *
16. Through my prayers God has made the impossible possible *
17. I deeply desire to win to the Lord people of other lands or different cultures *
18. I feel drawn by God to minister to Him and His Church through music *
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