The Arlene Francis Center Proposal Form - Events, Activities, Projects, Programs
Thank you for your interest in co-creating an event, activity, project, or program with the Arlene Francis Center community!

SHARED SPACE PROPOSAL PROCESS: Filling out this form helps our volunteer calendar committee get an idea about how you'd like to share the space and connect with the community. All proposals are reviewed weekly by our Volunteer Calendar Committee. Your contact information will be kept private, and only used to communicate directly with you about your proposal. Upon receiving and reviewing your proposal, you will be invited to the center to meet with our core team, which may lead to the drafting of a Shared Space Agreement. Please send an e-mail to: if you have any questions regarding this process. You may also try our land line at: (707) 528 - 3009.

If we decide that your proposal is aligned with the Arlene Francis Center mission statement, and agree that it is possible, we will work together to co-create your event, activity, or project with the help of the community. Our aim is to provide a shared space for our community to experience one another in such a way that promotes mutual recognition and seeks new ways of being.

The Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics
Since 2008, the Arlene Francis Center has used a unique, community-driven model to provide a safe and accessible shared space for everyone to enjoy. Our rich and diverse offerings of classes, art showings, theater performances, social engagements, concerts, and all other kinds of cultural happenings are made possible by folks like you! Our dedicated group of core volunteers, along with our community partners, and community members all work together to co-create the dreams of our friends and neighbors.
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