Lex Eat Together Dinner Signup

Welcome to the Lex Eat Together weekly dinner signup.
To sign up, please complete the order form below. Dinners are available to be picked up on Wednesdays between 5:15 and 6:15pm at the Church of Our Redeemer, 6 Meriam St., Lexington, MA 02420. All orders must be received by 5pm  Monday for that week’s meal.

Each week’s selections will include:
  • A main entree
  • A vegan entree
  • Mac and Cheese (child-sized portion)
Please see descriptions below for this week’s entrees.
All meals will include fruit and dessert.

Please note:
  • The email account listed immediately below is not required to place an order. Please ignore.
  • We encourage you to provide your email address in the space provided so that Lex Eat Together can communicate directly with you and to share important news.
  • The optional email address will be used only by the Lex Eat Together staff to communicate with our clients. It is not required to place your order. The email address you provide will not be shared with any other organization.
  • Only items marked with a red asterisk are required.
  • The meal date is required to verify the date you are requesting your meal
  • No selection is necessary for the meal descriptions
  • Please select 0 (zero) for any meals that you do not wish to order
  • Please order only one meal for each family member living in your household. 
If you have any questions please email us at lexeattogether@gmail.com.
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Please pick your meals up at:
Church of Our Redeemer
6 Meriam St
5:15 - 6:15 PM
When you arrive at the Church, follow signs to the Lower Entry Door where you can pick up your order.
If coming by car, you may remain in your vehicle, and a Lex Eat Together Greeter will bring your order to you.
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