Become a Healthy Christchurch signatory
We welcome your interest in becoming a signatory to the Healthy Christchurch Charter.*

By joining Healthy Greater Christchurch you will be become part of an inter-sectoral network of over 200 organisations and groups committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the people of greater Christchurch.

You will need to apply to become a signatory organisation and member of Healthy Greater Christchurch. This process starts with two easy steps:

- Read, understand and agree to the Healthy Christchurch Guidelines:

- Fill out the New Signatories Form below

Your organisation's application will be considered by the Healthy Greater Christchurch team. You will receive confirmation of this decision.

Once your status as a Signatory is confirmed, you will:

- receive weekly newsposts and regular updates from Healthy Christchurch, including the Working Group
- be given access to the add news and comments features on the Healthy Christchurch website, and
- be invited to take part in lunchtime seminars, Signatories' Hui, collaborative projects, and other Healthy Christchurch events and activities such as workshops and training opportunities.

*For purposes of this form, we use the names 'Healthy Christchurch' and 'Healthy Greater Christchurch' to refer to the same initiative. While the area of interest has clearly expanded from Christchurch to greater Christchurch, we are continuing a search for a more compelling name than 'Healthy Greater Christchurch,' although we use this term at times. Much of our branding is still 'Healthy Christchurch' branding, so at times we use this term, as well.

Healthy (Greater) Christchurch New Signatories Form
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