Apply for the September 11 - 15 CCT Fundamentals Workshop by HWCC!
Save the date: After 3 years of conflict intervention and private contract work, the Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration (HWCC) is delighted to (finally!) be able to offer an open-to-public Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT) Fundamentals capacity building workshop!

HWCC’s collaborative learning process addresses the theory, principles and practice of transforming complex conservation conflicts. Participants draw on best practices from the multiple disciplines that inform our conservation conflict transformation work, and as such will improve their capacity to analyze complex conflict dynamics, anticipate and address conflicts as they arise, and address long-standing conflicts that may impede new progress. By accurately analyzing conflicts and designing and leading appropriate processes for addressing them, professionals can determine root causes, build a foundation for trust and respect among stakeholders, and unearth fertile ground for sowing and cultivating durable conservation solutions.

Collaborative, experiential learning and peer-to-peer consulting among all participants are hallmarks of the HWCC approach and ensures a rich workshop experience and a unique post-course professional network. The course is led by Francine Madden, a 20 year CCT practitioner, from the Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration and is based on an interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT).

Date: September 11 - 15, 2017
Time: 8:30AM - 5:15 PM
Location: The Source, 1835 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA
Fee: $2,450 (includes workshop fee, materials and daily lunch/snacks only)

To receive the agenda and enrollment information, please complete this form by: MAY 15, 2017
Due to the extremely high demand and limited space for this workshop, HWCC is using this application form to help manage the demand for this limited-space opportunity and to create a wait-list for enrollment.

Please submit your application as soon as possible - the earlier the better! Early applicants are given priority for the limited space. The space is limited to 24 participants.

Filling out this form does not constitute reservation of a spot in the workshop.

Once the application is closed, enrollment information and payment options will be sent to secure your reservation.

In early June we will contact participants to let them know whether they can proceed with enrollment or where their application is on the wait list.

Refunds due to any cancellation are only given if the space can be filled by another participant on the waitlist. That said, HWCC will make every effort to fill your space (and issue a refund) if you need to cancel.

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Workshop Information
The course draws upon the best practices for addressing complex conservation conflicts and cultivating durable conservation solutions. Participants will leave the capacity building with an individual (or group) “Next Steps” Conservation Conflict Intervention Plan to address both the immediate conflict intervention and longer-term strategic vision and goals for their work. Participants develop a community of practice around conservation conflict transformation, using a common language to investigate conflict dilemmas, a shared set of tools and approaches to analyze and address conflict, and a community of resource professionals who can continue to provide mutual support in transforming conservation conflicts.

Lunch and snacks will be provided during the workshop each day. Other meals, lodging, and transportation arrangements are not included.

How would you plan to use CCT fundamentals in your field or community?
Briefly describe how you will apply the learning outcomes of this workshop to your work's strategic objectives.
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Are you applying with a group or team?
Small teams or groups working on a specific conflict are encouraged to apply together. Building the capacity of a small team helps further catalyze positive change around the conflict you are trying to transform. Please note in the application if you are applying with a small group and kindly name all members of that group so we can do our best to ensure all participants are included in this workshop.
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