SOUL's Tree Recipient Agreement
Please read the following information, and complete this form to be eligible to receive trees from SOUL.

• Legibly fill out the Department of Parks and Parkways’ Tree Planting Permit, and submit it to or SOUL 2706 Castiglione St, New Orleans, LA 70119. If you are submitting a sketch of where you are requesting your tree(s) to be planted, include a “sketch on back” notation on the front of your permit.
• If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 business days of sending your permit, contact 504 616 6888.
• If you do not have access to email, notify Susannah Burley immediately at 504 616 6888. Otherwise we will communicate with you through email.
• SOUL and a staff member of the New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways will approve the location of all tree planting requests. While most plantings are approved, occasionally a permit request is denied.
• Approved trees will be marked with a white “X”, and concrete cutouts will be outlined in white spray paint. If you have questions or concerns about the location of the marking, call SOUL immediately. The cutoff date for changing a marked planting location is 7 calendar days before a planting day is scheduled.
• If the weather is dry, please consistently water the spot where your tree(s) will be planted. This makes it easier to dig on planting day.

On planting day, we ask that all tree recipients help plant their trees while also helping other tree recipients plant. If you’re not physically able, please extend your gratitude to the hard-working volunteers planting trees.

Provide a bag of mulch (pine bark or pine straw- NO cypress mulch, please).

You or your tenant is responsible for watering your tree 2-3 times per week for the first year of its life. A slow, deep trickle of water is the best method for watering a tree. Otherwise the water runs off and doesn’t reach the tree’s roots. Water every month, even during the winter, as this is when the tree establishes its root system.

I understand that:
• If I submit a sketch, it is a guide for where I hope for my tree(s) to be planted. The Department of Parks and Parkways has final say over where trees are to be located per their rules, and per utility markings. If I want my tree moved after planting day, it is my responsibility to do so.
• It is my responsibility to call 8-1-1 and keep track of the confirmation # I am given. If my utilities are not marked by planting day, then my tree will be given to the next person on the waiting list.
• It is my responsibility to read email updates from SOUL regarding the tree planting project.
• It is my responsibility to care for my tree and nurture it to maturity. This means watering 2-3 times EVERY week for one year.
• If my tree dies within the first year, it is my responsibility to remove and replace it. After one year, the tree falls under the jurisdiction of the New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways, who will be responsible for major maintenance.

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