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N.B. The time you started the ten-minute observation.
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This information is important so we can match insects with the plants they visit.
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Eg. area/quantity of flowers observed -- a 30cm x 30cm window of flowers OR magnolia tree: 1 flower on a 4m tree that is in full bloom.
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For each of the categories of pollinator below, please enter the number of individuals you observed. If you know the species, you can note them in the 'other details' section below.
BEES - European honey bees
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BEES - Blue-banded bees
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BEES - Other bees
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BEETLES - Ladybird beetles
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BEETLES - Other beetles
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FLIES - Hoverflies
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FLIES - Other flies
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WASPS - European wasps
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WASPS - Other wasps
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OTHER / unsure / uncategorised observations
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The TOTAL number of insects you observed
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If you saw an insect you can't name, please describe it here and tell us how many you saw.
Please also ensure you included them in the 'other' category of the count tally.
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Add any other details about your observations.
If you recognised any family/genus/species, please list them and how many of each you noted within the categories above, or any other wild pollinator category not listed. Be as detailed as you can. You can also leave other comments or observations, such as weather, species typically seen here, or other notes.
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Photos and keeping in touch
Did you take any photographs of pollinators you would like to share?
Photograph access
Please provide the link to your photos online (eg on Flickr, Bowerbird, other social media with public access) if sharing in this manner
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Do you permit us to use your photos (with credit) on the Wild Pollinator Count website or social media pages?
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