Nativity B.V.M. Parish Survey
Our Mission Statement: To know, love and serve the Lord and one another in the imitation of Mary.

The Parish Pastoral Council of Nativity BVM has developed this survey to learn what our parishioners find life-giving about our parish and where you think the parish should focus its energies. This survey can only be effective if you participate and respond honestly. Your input will help us to plan for a vibrant, sustainable, and responsible parish.

1. Worship - praising God and deepening our relationship with Christ through Mass, sacraments, and prayer.
(a) What do you like best about our parish Masses?
Your answer
(b) If you could name one way to improve our parish Liturgy and prayer life, what would it be?
Your answer
2. Word - growing in our understanding of our faith and becoming better disciples
(a) What do you appreciate most about children's religious education (CCD) and/or adult faith formation opportunities offered by our parish?
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(b) How would you like to see our youth or adult faith formation opportunities grow or improve?
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3. Community - connecting with Christ's body, the Church, through family and parish bonds
(a) What do you like and/or enjoy about the Catholic faith and its traditions?
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(b) What do you value most about your involvement in the Nativity BVM parish community?
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4. Service - being good stewards and placing our gifts at the service of others
(a) What do you most appreciate about the way Nativity BVM Parish reaches out in service?
Your answer
(b) What is one way we could improve our service in the community?
Your answer
5. If you were to describe our parish for someone else, what would you emphasize as its best assets?
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6. Demographic questions
(a) Gender
(b) Your age group
(c) Mass you usually attend
(d) Why you choose to attend that particular Mass
(e) How often you attend Mass
(f) Do you have school-age children who attend our religious education program (CCD)?
If you want to talk with the pastor or deacon or a member of the Pastoral Parish Council to ease your mind about any concerns you may have with or about our Nativity BVM Parish, please provide your name and contact info below.
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Phone Number
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Email Address
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Thank you for taking the time to participate in this very important survey.
As a reminder, we invite you to stop by the church on any Wednesday to attend Holy Hour. The doors open at 3:00 p.m. Ending times vary with the seasons.
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