LSC-CyFair Library Post-OLI Assessment Survey Fall 2021
Thanks for taking the Online Library Introduction! Please fill out this form and submit, especially if you are taking the OLI for class credit.

Just by filling out our survey, you're entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card: be sure and include your email address so we can notify you if you've won.

You can watch the OLI again and see a mini-dictionary of OLI vocabulary on the OLI homepage:

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Your first and last name
Please include your first and last name if you are taking the OLI because a professor is giving you credit: we'll email them to let them know you attended. Otherwise, you can skip this and submit this form anonymously.
If you took the OLI because a professor is giving you credit for it, who is your professor?
Please write first and last name of your professor. If you don't know their first name, write their last name and the class, like Williams EDUC 1300. If we don't know which professor you mean, we can't tell them you took the OLI!
What’s a library service or resource you heard about today that you plan to use during your time at Lone Star College? *
If you needed help with research or citation, or help using the library's online resources, who would you ask? *
List four ways you can contact a librarian online: *
Pretend a classmate of yours couldn't make it to the presentation today. What would you tell them is the most important thing they should know about the library?
What questions do you have about the LSC-CyFair Library?
Include your email address and we will follow up to answer your question.
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