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Use this form to submit interesting movers and dipoles to the science team for possible follow-up.  Remember to first check SIMBAD and VizieR to make sure nobody else has previously discovered it.
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What is the subject number? (It's at the end of the URL of its TALK page.) *
What is the subject's ID number? (It's the "id" in the metadata.)
What is object's R.A in degrees? (use the numbers on the flipbook's x axis) Please enter the numbers only--no degree symbol and no letter "d". *
What is the object's dec in degrees? (use the numbers on flipbook's y axis) Please enter the numbers only--no degree symbol and no letter "d". *
Approximately where on the image is it located? (Optional)
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Dipole, mover or jumping mover? *
What color is it?  (e.g. blue, red, pink, white) *
How bright is it? *
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What bands does the source appear in on Finder Chart? (Optional)
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What are the precise RA and dec in decimal from IRSA Finderchart? First click "Eq-J2000:" in the upper right corner of the screen and choose "EQ J2000 decimal". Then click the "Lock By Click" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on the icon with two arrows in the upper right of the WISE 2 image to expand it (it will say "Expand this panel to take up a larger area" when you hover over it"). Then click on the object in the WISE 2 image, and the coordinates will appear in the upper right corner. Example: 59.170558, -25.4906 (Optional)
What are the 2MASS J, H and K magnitudes from VizieR? Example: J=14.7, H=14.2, K=12.4 (Optional)
What are the AllWISE W1 and W2 magnitudes from VizieR? Example: W1=15.2, W2=14.0 (Optional)
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