CSIR UGC NET JRF Mock Paper (Life Sciences)
Part- A (20 Question) + Part B(50 Question) +Part C (70 Question)
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In a group of students, 30% play only cricket,20% play only football and 10% play onlybasketball. 20% of the students play bothfootball and cricket, 15% play bothbasketball and cricket, 10% play bothfootball and basketball. 15 students play nogames, while 5% of the students play allthree games. What is the total number ofstudents? *
Five persons A, B, C, D, and E are sitting in arow with C in the middle of the group. If D isat an extreme end and there are at least twopersons between B and E, then which of thefollowing statements is incorrect? *
A sphere G of radius b is fixed mid-air andseveral spheres identical to the first one areshot at it with their velocities parallel to eachother. If the shot spheres fall within animaginary cylinder of radius a (≪ )thenthe fraction of spheres that will hit G is *
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The distance from Nehrunagar to Gandhinagaris 27 km. A and B start walking fromNehrunagar towards Gandhinagar at speeds of 5km/hr and 7 km/hr, respectively. B reachesGandhinagar, returns immediately, and meets Aat Indiranagar. What is the distance betweenNehrunagar and Indiranagar? (assume all threecities to be in one straight line) *
A leaf appears green in daylight. If this leafwere observed in red light, what colourwould it appear to have? *
Q.6 Approximately how muchday through a normal human heart beating 70times per minute, having a relaxed volume of110 cc and compressed volume of 70 cc? *
Q.7 The molar fraction of hydrochloric acid in anextremely dilute aqueous solution is doubled.The pH of the resulting solution is *
Q.8 *
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Q.12 For which of the following numbers is itspositive square root closest to the numberitself? *
Q13. There are two gas parcels of equal volume, Aand B at the same temperature and pressure.Parcel A is one mole of water vapour, whileparcel B is one mole of dry air. Which of thefollowing is TRUE? *
Q.14 *
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Q.15 The number of three English letter words,having at least one consonant, but not havingtwo consecutive consonants, is *
Q.16 A buys n copies of a book at 20% discount.B gets the same book at 30% discount. Whatis the minimum value of n for which B canbuy one extra copy of the book, spending thesame amount as A? *
Q17.A bird flies along the three sides of a field inthe shape of an equilateral triangle at speedsof 2, 4, 8 km/hr, respectively. The averagespeed of the bird is *
Q.18 The average staff salary of a company is ₹8000/-. A new guard and a new manager arerecruited with salaries of ₹ 5000/- and ₹20000/-, respectively. What is the currentstaff strength if the new average salary is ₹4000/- more than that of the guard? *
Q19. A 100 m long fence is to be made by fixing awire mesh on steel poles. Each pole has a 1m vertical portion and a 1 m portion tilted at45 to the vertical. What will be the area ofwire mesh required? *
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