Summer Sunshine Swap
You are signing up for the awesome Summer Sunshine Swap! You'll be paired up with someone super rad that is as excited as you.

Make sure to send your $5 via the donate button before or immediately after (within a couple hours) filling out your form. Why $5? We want to make sure the swap is successful and that means that everyone sends out a package AND on time. The $5 will ensure that you are serious about being an honest swapper and want a fantastic swap partner as well! All donations will go to The Savannah Repertory Theatre for their wheelchair lift.
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Scrap garlands, quilted book covers, dream catchers, etc.
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I agree to... 1. Send out my package by June 12. 2. Post a photo or story of my swap package by June 19. 3. I'll put together a package that I would like to receive that is around $20. 5. I have donated $5. 6. I will make sure to include a hand written note with my package to make it super special! *
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