2020-21 Response Competitive Club Application
Due to a wonderful amount of interest, but limited time and space, the Response competitive club has a cap on membership for competing students.

If you were not a part of Response last year, but would like to compete in the 2020-21 competitive season, please fill out this form. The coach, Katie, will get back to you ASAP to set up an interview (phone, skype, or in person) to complete the application process.

Since there is limited space, priority will go to returning students first, then returning students' siblings. New applicants will be prioritized by commitment to the team, availability to attend tournaments, Christian character, and general excitement for the activity.
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If you have multiple students applying, please fill out a new form for each.
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Students must be 12 or older by October 1, 2020.
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Response is a Christian club, and as such, we expect all our members to be Christian as well. Tell us what church you attend, and/or anything else relevant about your faith!
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Charter School: *
Are you homeschooling via a charter school?
Other Classes
Is the applying student taking any classes at a local college or school? If so, please indicate how many units they plan on taking per semester this year.
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Experience with Speech/Debate *
Which best describes your family's experience with speech and debate:
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Commitment & Availability *
Please describe your family's commitment to the debate activity. This includes how much time to spend on debate each week, level of competitiveness, how many tournaments you would like to attend, and your willingness to travel out of the area and out of state.
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Why Response? *
Let us know why you're choosing the Response club!
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