Prospect Music Therapy Summer Camp 2024 Registration

What’s special about Prospect Music Therapy summer camps?

Our camps are designed and led by Board Certified Music Therapists, experts in engaging kids in creativity, supporting sensory needs, and adapting experiences for success.  Our small camps provide big support, as our staff members have the opportunity to really get to know our campers and design experiences based on their needs and interests.

We can't wait to make music with you this Summer! Please call (847) 580-3443 with any questions. Additional information and release forms will be sent before the groups begin. 

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General Information and Pricing

(excluding Fairy Tale Songs camp.  All Fairy Tale Songs information available at starting late November, 2023.)  

50% of the cost of the camp is due at registration.  You will receive an invoice for this amount soon after registering, which must be paid to reserve your spot. $100 of this fee is nonrefundable.  The remainder or the registration cost will be due by May 31, 2024.
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