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*** VANITY EVENT we are looking for interested creators ***


I would like to personally invite you to join our event. We want to offer quality designers and creators like yourself, several opportunities to build awareness and exposure for your brand and showcase your products to the Vanity Event.

Media Partner: Seraphim, Belleza, Essential Inventory, Mainstore.SL, W.A.N.T, Tres Chic Venue, 2.Life, Kinky Event


- Days: Day 28 of a month to Day 03 of the following month.
- Days 2 - 3 each of month: Send vendors o ads (photo 1024 x 1024 to
- Day 4 each of month: Open access to bloggers, advertising groups, and access awards
- Day 5 each of month: Opening of the Event
- Day 25 each of month: Closing of the Event

- Standard stall (No sponsor option, everyone has the same right) - L $ 3,000 / 100 Prims
- Sponsors stall (Strategic area) - L 6,000 / 100 Prims

✪ All participants must have the Vanity Event sign provided displayed in their main shop.
✪ Designers are encouraged to send their items out in a group notice to the Vanity Event - Designers & Bloggers group if they would like to be blogged.
✪ Vendor Pics are on the day you Set-up. please e-mail them to, in format of 1024 x 1024.
✪ Gachas are welcome as long as they are new and exclusive. Price of gacha machine should not exceed 100L. No copyright/IP infringement.
✪ Please limit script usage. Absolutely no hovertext allowed.


✪ Flickr:
✪ Facebook:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yanikka Resident - CEO
Kamila Stoanes - CEO

Thanks you ❤

Vanity Event - Designers App
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