17th Annual Oita AJET Charity Bike Trip 2014
Thank you in advance for choosing to support Oita AJET and AJET Block as we raise funds for relief in the Philippines on March 21 & 22nd (Long weekend, starting on Friday!). All of the information submitted here will be used to make your participation as smooth, rewarding, and enjoyable as possible.

The DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st and the participation fee is ¥20,000! The participation fee includes one night’s accommodation, dinner, breakfast, snack packs for two days, water, gas money for the volunteer drivers, and an awesome t-shirt! The fee also includes a ¥10,000 donation that will be sent directly to our charity.

The Oita AJET Charity Bike Trip committee is covering a large portion of the costs before the trip, so we need each participant to send in ¥10,000 via bank transfer by FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st. The other half of the fee plus any extra donations are due when you check in on the first day of the ride on Friday, March 21st.

If you have to CANCEL your registration after January 31st, we will have to bill you for the items that have already been paid for at that point in time (T-shirts, food, other arrangements, etc...).

Bank: 大分銀行 (Ooita ginkou)
Branch: 臼杵支店 (Usuki shiten)
Account #: 7503922
Account Name: 大分国際チャリティー 代表 (Ooita kokusai charitii daihyou) - Martyn Samuel Jasinski is the 代表!

Please email oitajetcycling@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck to each and every one of you!

PS: After last year's success with the use of smartphones during the ride we have opted to use an app called MapMyRide that tracks your progress, gives you key details about the ride, and keeps us up to date on your location during the ride. Please download the app ASAP to become familiar with all of its capabilities

Name as written in Passport 名前 *
Ex: Smith Rebecca Ann, スミス レベッカ アン
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Date of Birth - yyyy/mm/dd 生年月日ー〇〇〇〇年/〇〇月/〇〇日 *
Ex: January 24, 1988 is 1988/01/24
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Mobile Email Address 携帯電話のメールアドレス *
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Mobile Phone Number *
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Do you anticipate having a smartphone during the ride? スマートホーン持ってますか? *
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Current Prefecture 今住んでいる県 *
Ex: Oita-ken
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Current City 今住んでいる市 *
Ex: Oita-shi
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How many times have you participated in the Oita AJET Charity Bike Ride? 今年は何年目ですか? *
As either a rider or a volunteer.
I will be participating in this year's bike ride as: どんな風に参加しますか? *
If it is at all possible to bring your own bike we would be eternally grateful if you do so as rentals may be limited and of varying quality. Those of you who DO need to rent a bike, please let us know so we can help you get in touch with the person who will be loaning out bikes this year!
T-shirt Size Tシャッツサイズ *
*Japanese sizes
How many T-shirts would you like total? Tシャッツ何枚いりますか? *
One T-shirt is included with your participation fee. Any additional T-shirts will incur an extra cost. Also, NO JERSEYS will be ordered this year. 一枚は参加費に含まれていますが、もしほしいなら、別料金かかります
Do you need special accommodations in Beppu before or after the ride? イベントの前か後日は宿泊いりますか? *
Those traveling the farthest will have priority as space may be limited
Dietary requirement(s) that you'd like us to consider when planning the meals. Please be as specific as possible. 食事制限はありますか?
Ex: allergic to shrimp, no eggs, vegan, peanut allergy, vegetarian, gluten-free diet, etc... アレルギーとかを深く説明してください
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Any other important information you wish to share with us 他の大切な言いたいこと
Ex: I only have one leg 一本の脚しかない
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