Ranger Tom Commuter Challenge Registration
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My father passed away this past December from cancer. It was sudden but our family and community has rallied and his legacy will live on. He was a life long cyclist and believed everyone should be a bike commuter. He was the inspiration behind my son Logan 3rd grade biking every day to school. To honor my dad, Logan and I have come up with the May bike to school challenge.

- To officially enter the challenge, you must register
- Once you have biked your route for the day click the box under the appropriate day.  Your route is deemed your safe route to school, bus stop, neighborhood, ect.
- Enter your commute distance there and back in miles in the appropriate cell

- Commute 5 days = Big Dipper Ice Cream Card
- Commute 10 days = MTCX colored water bottle
- Commute 15 days = Big Dipper Ice Cream Card + MTCX water bottle
- Commute 20 days = Ranger Tom Patch + Big Dipper Ice Cream Card + MTCX water bottle
What do you want your nickname to be in the spreadsheet? (this will appear online)
What is your real name? (this will not appear online)
What grade are you in?
What's your shipping address?
What is your best email for the challenge updates?
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