CPT cancelled event: travel reimbursement
Please complete this form if your Canada Poetry Tours event was cancelled due to COVID-19 and you had already paid for travel that you have not been able to have refunded.
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Please provide the invoice number for your reading (8 digits) *
Your name: *
Your e-mail address: *
Your postal code: *
Name the travel reimbursement should be issued to, if not you:
Please send your travel receipts to funding@poets.ca. Please note the League office cannot accept mail at this time.
If the travel reimbursement is being issued to someone other than you, please also let us know why in an email to funding@poets.ca.
Travel reimbursement type (select all that apply): *
Travel reimbursement amount: *
Half reading: up to $150 | Full reading: up to $300
Please note that payments must be issued electronically at this time. We use a secure third-party service called Plooto, which asks you to input your banking information via an e-mail prompt.
If you have had issues with receiving Plooto payments, we can arrange a direct deposit. We are not able to issue e-transfers. Contact funding@poets.ca if you know you have difficulty receiving Plooto payments.
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