New School: Respect our Choice!
After several years of organizing and majority support for collective bargaining by student teachers and researchers, The New School administration has attempted to enhance employment packages for certain graduate students and move closer to the standards achieved through organizing and bargaining at other NYC schools. While we applaud the administration’s intent, these efforts do not do enough to respect the critical work we, as students, provide at The New School and simply make clearer than ever why a majority of us as student workers want collective bargaining through SENS-UAW.

Instead of respecting our choice, The New School has not only refused to voluntarily agree to a fair process to verify majority support and recognize our Union, like NYU did in 2013, but has also wasted precious resources fighting our efforts to restore the legal right to collective bargaining at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

With the likely restoration of our legal right to collective bargaining in the near future, we, the undersigned, urge The New School administration to publicly commit to respecting our democratic rights by agreeing to the following:

· New School will make no unilateral changes to our conditions;

· New School will refrain from any legal or other actions that delay our right to choose representation by SENS-UAW;

· New School will ensure a free and fair election process for voting on SENS-UAW, during which New School does not in any way attempt to influence student employees to vote yes or no; and

· New School will immediately commence bargaining in good faith for a fair contract upon verification of a majority vote for SENS-UAW representation.

As SENS-UAW supporters, we look forward to a day very soon when we can sit down as equals with the administration and bargain over relevant matters, including basic rights and the compensation and benefits we receive in exchange for our service as student workers.
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