Core Questionnaire 主要問卷
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The following questions are about to know how effective and successful is Re-edit Hong Kong Showcase. 非常感謝您抽出寶貴時間參與是次問卷調查,我們想請您協助填寫此份問卷,讓我們更清楚是次展覽Re-edit香港設計展現的成效及未來策展的方向。
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Name of activity/ programme活動/計劃名稱:
Re-edit Hong Kong Showcase 香港設計展現
Date of activity/programme活動/計劃日期: *
1. What is your overall comment on the activity/programme? 你對是項活動/計劃的整體評價是: *
2. Please comment on the following aspects of the activity/programme: 請就下列各項提供意見:
Excellent 優良
Very Satisfactory 非常滿意
Satisfactory 滿意
Unsatisfactory 不滿意
Very Unsatisfactory 非常不滿意
a. Duration 時間
b. Format 形式
c. Content 內容
d. Publicity 宣傳
3. How useful is the activity/programme in assisting you to achieve the following objectives? 是項活動/計劃能否幫助你達到以下的目標?
Definitely useful 肯定有用
Very useful 很有用
Useful 有用
Fair 一般
Not useful 沒有用
a. Enhance your knowledge in the business 加強對行業的知識
b. Expand your contact network 拓展聯繫網絡
c. Explore new business 開拓新商機
d. Better understand the industry’s position in the global markets 加深了解行業在環球市場上的位置
e. Broaden your scope about the industry 擴闊你對行業的視野
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4. Please comment on the overall usefulness of this activity/programme to you. 整體來說,是項活動/計劃對你是否有用? *
5. Would you recommend yourcolleagues/friends to join the activity/programme?你會推介同事/朋友參加這活動/計劃嗎? *
6. Please state below any comments you may have on the activity/programme. We also welcome any suggestions on improvement to the activity/programme.請列出你對是項活動/計劃的任何意見。我們亦歡迎任何改善是項活動/計劃的建議
7a. Which of the following sector(s) you / your company or organisation belong to? (Please check all that apply) 你或你服務的公司/機構屬於以下哪個界別? (可選多項)
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7b. Please specify your discipline. (If applicable) 請註明你所修讀的學科 (如適用)
8. Where is your place of residence: Hong Kong, Mainland China (please specify the province) or other places (please specify the country/ territory)? 何處是你的居留地/居住地: 香港 / 中國內地 (請註明省份) / 其他地方 (請註明國家名稱或地域)? *
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