Wichita State Geology Field Camp - APPLICATION
GEOL 640 (Field Geology) is an intense four-week field experience in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming and Montana. This course concentrates on field work in sedimentary and igneous rocks ranging from Archean to Pleistocene age in the Laramide and thrust-belt provinces of the Cordilleran orogenic belt. The following concepts are stressed: describing and analyzing rocks; orienteering with maps and compass; drawing maps and cross-sections; map interpretation; topographic mapping techniques; geologic mapping techniques; interpretation of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock masses, description, interpretation, and correlation of stratigraphic sections; geomorphic evolution of landforms, and spatial and three-dimensional thinking.

Before applying to our field school, read through POLICIES and EXPECTATIONS. As you know, field camp is a unique and immersive experience. Field camp builds competence and self-confidence in working outdoors, working independently, working in groups, drawing inferences and conclusions from evidence, and trusting your own judgment and reasoning. HOWEVER, to achieve these skills involves living and working in uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations, in close quarters with fellow students and staff for extended periods of time. Camp requires maintaining an efficient but flexible work environment and there is no room for behavior that is disruptive to camp academics, logistics and individual and group safety. You will follow and abide by the camp policies and travel arrangements. You will comply with the behavioral standards stated before and during camp. If you do not abide by camp policies and standards, at Dr. Parcell’s discretion, you will be sent home at your expense and all course and related trip expenses will be forfeited.

The online portion of the application requires answering questions on:
Student Information
Academic Credentials
Dietary and Medical Information
Travel Plans
Camp Policies

This application will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Please read through hard copy of application questions before completing the online submission. Be prepared to finish and submit this application in one session.

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