Highwood Public Library Patron Survey
Thank you for answering these questions about the library and your usage of our facilities and materials! All responses will be held anonymous and confidential.
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Do you have a Highwood Library Card? *
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Are you a reciprocal borrower at other libraries? (i.e. use your Highwood Library card to borrow materials from another library?) *
If yes, please list other libraries you borrow from.
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The library is open Mon-Thurs 12-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5, and closed Friday during the school year. During the summer the library is open Friday 12-5 and closed Sunday. Do these hours meet your needs? *
The Highwood Public Library does a good job of providing the types of materials I like to use *
Are there materials you would like available which the library does not provide?
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What services do you use at Highwood or other libraries? Check all that apply. *
The Highwood Public Library does a good job of providing the books and DVDs that I want. *
The Highwood Public Library does a good job of providing the electronic resources (website, digital books/magazines, technology assistance, etc...) that I want. *
If you are interested in more programming at the library, please describe the types you are interested in. (Examples: technology education, child programs, book clubs, etc...)
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Is there anything about the Library that causes you to use it less often? If so, what can we change?
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