Pueblo Community Gardens Survey - 2017-2018
NOTE: If you lead more than one school/community garden, please complete the survey one time for every garden you lead (complete 2 separate times for 2 different gardens).

The Local Food Initiative of the non-profit NeighborWorks® Southern Colorado is conducting a survey of all existing and in-development public and private group gardens located in Pueblo City/County. The purpose of this survey is to gather information that can promote horticulture and local food production and to connect gardens with each other and with resources for developing and sustaining their garden projects.

Among other things, your responses will determine how much information about your garden is shared and with whom. This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for participation and for helping beautify and feed the people of Pueblo City/County!
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Garden name and location *
Please include the Name of the Garden, the City and Address where it is located, and any Notes Relevant to its Location. (Ex. "lot adjacent to and east of building")
Contact person name (your first name and last name, please) *
Contact person phone (please include area code and phone extension if there is one) *
Contact person email
Is this garden a (if "Other" please explain): *
Is this garden active (if "Other" please explain)? *
Approximately how many people are members or contributors to the garden? (age does not matter) *
Who receives the produce from this garden? (Check all that apply; if "Other" please explain) *
Does the garden have any current needs? (Ex. supplies, training, volunteers, other resources. Please answer simply "No" if none.) *
Do you know how much produce the garden produced in 2017 or how much it is intended to produce for its various patrons (gardeners, donation recipients, etc.)? Please explain. *
Has the garden had any problems with vandalism? (if "Other" please explain) *
Vandalism details (please read description below)
If there HAVE been issues with vandalism:

What preventative measures have been taken if any?
Is there a day of the week or time of day (specific time frame) that vandalism has happened?
(NOTE: Pueblo police have offered to help patrol areas where garden vandalism has occurred.)

If there HAVE NOT been any issues with vandalism, do you have any thoughts about why?
(POSSIBILITIES: A good neighborhood watch program, the garden is secluded and/or well-secured, etc.)
Do you have any interest in connecting with other community/school gardens in Pueblo (city/county)? *
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