2020-2021 Enrollment Consideration- Ranger High-Tech Academy

Thank you for your interest in the Ranger High-Tech Academy STEM School. Please take the time to read this form carefully. It is important that you understand the education that is offered at a STEM School and the educational needs of your child as you make a decision on what learning environment is best for your child. We do not guarantee that siblings will be accepted. Children of all ability levels are welcome at RHTA. We currently have learners at each grade level who are identified as gifted, learners on 504s, and learners who are identified as needing special education. Please keep in mind that STEM schools are for all children, but may not be the best setting for every child. Below are the characteristics of a STEM school that you will want to think about when you are considering applying for enrollment.

Copy and paste the following link in your browser to learn more about STEM Education: http://bit.ly/2tKFBYb
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Essential Characteristics of STEM Schools
Application Process
There are 3 parts to this application process for students going into grades 2-4.
- Online Application (including parent assessment)
- Teacher Assessment (sent to current teacher)
- Design Challenge (must be able to attend on March 7)

There are 4 parts to this application process for students going into grades 5-8.
-Online Application (including parent assessment)
-Teacher Assessment (sent to current teacher)
-Project Submission
-Design Challenge on March 7 (will be scheduled for the applicants who received the best ratings on the application, teacher assessment, and project submission.)

There are 3 parts to this application process for students going into grades 9 and 10.
-Online Application (including parent assessment)
-Teacher Assessment (sent to current teacher)
-Interview (will be scheduled at a later date)

In addition to this, we highly encourage you to view our Twitter account @NRCSStem and attend our Community Open House on January 23 from 6-7:30 pm.

Applications are due by March 1. A mandatory design challenge is scheduled for Saturday, March 7.

Upon completion, this application an assessment will be sent to your child's current teacher and an email will be sent to you with the next step of the process. The application will be routed to STEM coordinator and principal, Melissa Durkin.

Selection Process
All applications received will be rated based on the essential characteristics of STEM schools and not on academic ability. Open enrollment (students residing outside of the city of North Ridgeville) will only be considered if there are spots available after residents are accepted. A rating will be generated from each part of the application process. These ratings will be compared for discrepancies and a final rating will be generated for each applicant. Notification letters for the 2020-2021 school year will be mailed on April 9.
Directions for filling out the Application
You must fill out asterisked information in order to progress to the next section. All information in the application is required and incomplete applications will not be considered. You will need to type your answers carefully and have the email address of your child's current teacher in order to proceed. Errors in information may cause problems processing your child's application.

If you have questions please call 440-353-1178.
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