Feminist Organisations vs Cultural Operators in the European Union (working title) OPEN questionnaire (for any artists, cultural operators, political feminist parties, feminist organisations.)


The study aims to identify shared experiences and possible ways to strengthen feminist and cultural organisations, as two crucial actors of civil society that protect and strengthen democracy in the EU. It has been commissioned by MEP Soraya Post of the Swedish Feminist Party (https://feministisktinitiativ.se/sprak/english/) for the S&D Group in the European Parliament.

The last decade has seen far right movements growing in popularity and gaining seats in national as well as local parliaments. MEP Post commissioned a 2016 S&D-study that mapped the consequences of this development for women’s rights and how the feminist movement in the EU countries have responded. It showed women’s human rights under attack in all countries visited, either from the side of nationalist political forces or from the side of religious institutions. Among the feminists there was a great need for capacity building in feminist political analyses, tools for communication and more opportunities for experience sharing and cooperation.

As we work to address these issues it is clear that cultural organisations and artists in the EU share similar experiences with feminist organisations and feminists, in relation to the shrinking space of civil society.

When the space for open expression, dialogue and inquiry shrinks cultural operators and civil society are the first to experience its immediate effects, resulting in a comprised capacity to grow, share and learn. As such, when artists feel their space to operate is restricted this is an indicator that democracy is disturbed.

Thanks for sharing.

Lina B. Frank
Independent Consultant to the S&D Group of the European Parliament


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