TLS Swim1922 Scholarship Application Form
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Scholarship recipients must attend elementary, middle, or high school in Western Wake County (e.g., Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville, or Fuquay Varina)
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School Guidance Counselor's name
If selected, the student's Guidance Counselor will be notified of the scholarship. The school will decide if student recognition will be given (for example, acknowledgment in the school newsletter, Awards Day ceremony or other school announcements).
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*Parent will be notified by telephone if selected. Either home or mobile phone number is required.
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The TLS Swim1922 Scholarship is primarily intended to assist children whose families might not otherwise have financial means for swimming lessons. Does the student qualify on this basis? *
Has student ever taken swim lessons? *
If Yes, when were the lessons taken and where? *
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If Yes, what is the student's current skill level? *
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Student essay submitted? *
Please ensure the student essay has been written and submitted prior to submitting this application. Link to Essay form:
Publicity Release Form signed? *
Please sign and retain. The signed form will only be collected from scholarship recipients.
Sorority Waiver of Liability reviewed? *
Please review. The signed form will only be collected from scholarship recipients.
If awarded the scholarship, I understand that I must complete the registration process of the swim facility on behalf of my child and additional requirements may apply. *
I agree to ensure student attends scheduled swim lessons. *
I understand that swim lessons may be restricted to particular days and times as determined by the swim facility/instructor. I further understand that a time frame to complete lessons may be imposed by Theta Lambda Sigma or the swim facility. *
Parent/Legal Guardian
By checking this box I verify that I am authorized to sign this application for the specified student as parent/Legal Guardian. *
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