TCU Phonathon Caller Application
TCU Phonathon Caller Job Description
*This application is for 2017-2018 academic year. Please email if you have questions regarding future scheduling.

As a TCU Phonathon Caller, you provide alumni, parents and friends with a bridge back to TCU. You will be sharing TCU’s achievements and working to make the University even better for current and future Horned Frogs. Not only will you be making the University a better place but you’ll also be improving yourself by gaining marketing, customer service, and persuasive communications skills along the way! You will be on the front line for TCU, representing the student body and administration to the greater part of the TCU family.

The starting rate for each caller is $8.00/hour and you will need to work roughly 8 hours a week. Some of your duties include:

• Capturing demographic information
• Establishing relationship with alumni, parents and friends
• Making the case for support
• Negotiating the philanthropic ability of each prospect
• Troubleshooting any concerns the prospect may have
• Minor clerical duties

We are constantly on the phone discussing TCU, as well as extending the opportunity to invest in TCU’s bright future. Our office raises funds for many different areas on campus including; student scholarships, financial aid, various colleges (i.e., Neeley School Business, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, Harris College, etc.), the Library, the intercollegiate athletics, and Research. The money provided from alumni can either be restricted to a particular area or set as unrestricted and put towards the University’s Greatest Need.

As you can understand, Phonathon Callers are vital to Texas Christian University in numerous ways. We have a considerable amount of pride in our callers, and with good reason: each caller has been carefully selected to represent TCU by exemplifying the qualities and enthusiasm necessary to make TCU, as well as Phonathon, a success.

TCU Phonathon Caller Frequently Asked Questions
*How much money do the callers raise in a year?
Each year, the callers of Calling All Frogs raise over $400,000 for the University, for various areas.

*Where do the callers work?
We have a great facility located on the first floor of Sadler Hall.

*Do I need to have experience?
No, we will teach you everything you need to know and more! We will provide with a series of training sessions that will prepare you for first call, which includes learning from veteran callers themselves!

*How many hours a week does this position require?
The hour requirement will be roughly 16 hours every two weeks, that number has the possibility of decreasing due to holidays and academic calendar conflicts. There will be no mandatory calling sessions over breaks, finals and the summer but voluntary shifts will be announced.

*How much do the callers get paid and how often?
Student Callers’ starting salary is $8/hour with two opportunities for raises per semester. You will have the ability to earn a $0.25 raise every six weeks, based upon your performance, attendance and individual evaluations. Our department operates on a bi-weekly pay period, so every other week you will be paid by direct deposit. TCU requires direct deposit as an employer, so you cannot be paid in cash or check. You will also be paid for your initial training at TCU Phonathon. Where else can you make that kind of money, get cool prizes, and talk on the phone?!

*Are there opportunities for advancement at TCU Phonathon?
Yes, there are two promotions available to all Phonathon Employees, Training Specialist and Supervisor. Both positions come with added responsibility, a better pay rate, and you get a to learn a more diverse skill set as well!

*Where can I find out more information, and who do I ask for?
You can check out our Calling All Frogs website or email with questions.

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