BiodiversityCatalogue short questionnaire
The BiodiversityCatalogue service is currently interrupted because the project in which it was developed ended a few years ago and there is no solution in place for sustainable operation. All service descriptions in the catalogue have been secured.

The TDWG Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group (BSCI) is interested to get your feedback whether this service should be continued and whether that should be in its present form. Based on your feedback, BSCI might work together with DiSSCo to develop a plan for sustainable operation and resume the service or replace it with a new one.

If you submit the questionnaire you agree that the collected results may be shared with BSCI and the DiSSCo Coordination and Support office and may be published in anonymised form.
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Would you like to see the Catalogue back into operation in its present form?
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Do you think the Catalogue is essential for discovery of biodiversity services or could these well be discovered in other ways, e.g. by a Google search?
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BiodiversityCatalogue was setup as a clone of BioCatalogue for LifeScience. Is it valueable  to have a separate catalogue for biodiversity webservices or would you be fine with just using BioCatalogue?
Have you been using the Catalogue in the past to find webservices? *
Have you been using the Catalogue in the past to register webservices?
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Have you been using the Catalogue in the past to read documentation about webservices?
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Have you been using the Catalogue in the past to monitor the operational status of webservices?
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At present there are initiatives developed under e.g. the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to create a catalog of e-services from federating the catalogs offered by individual Research Infrastructures, do you think that would make the BiodiversityCatalogue obsolete?
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Should a e-services catalog target mainly funders, with focus on description of maturity level, usage and added value of the service of should it target mainly developers/users, with focus on service documentation and code resources?
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In what role would you use an e-services catalogue: as a developer, provider, scientist or other?
What is the most valuable function of an e-services Catalogue for you
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I would be interested in supporting the service, for example with development resources or hosting capacities, or contributing to its specification.
Leave your email address (optional) so we can contact you if you indicated that you will be interested in supporting the service
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