Reader Poll! Which of Beth Barany's romances do you like the best?
Thanks! You can see all my romances here to refresh your memory: These 5 stories constitute the 5 books of my Touchstone series. They are stand-alone, but interconnected, sweet paranormal romances... Magical Tales of Romance and Adventure.
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Of these 5 romances by Beth Barany, choose which one you'd like to get translated into Danish first. Rank them in order. Thanks! Once you hit send, you'll get a copy of your survey. You'll also see a thank you page with a link to your gift, a copy of "Touchstone of Love" (Touchstone #1). To see more about the books, click here: *
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Touchstone of Love (Touchstone #1)
A Christmas Fling ( (Touchstone #2)
Parisian Amour (Touchstone #3)
A Labyrinth of Love and Roses (Touchstone #4)
A Cupcake Christmas (Touchstone #5)
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