Lakeside Junior High School Parent Survey 2016-2017
Dear Parent or Guardian:

At our school we value your feedback and comments on your child's education. By taking the following parent survey, we will be able to reflect on our current practice and be able to address any areas for future growth. Your feedback is completely anonymous. We ask you be honest and select the option for each question that best matches your answer. Some questions allow you to type a response if you need to provide more information. Please know we appreciate your time in taking this survey!

Thank you,
Mallory McConnell, Principal

Does your child feel safe at school?
If you would like to elaborate, please choose "other" and type your response.
Discipline is applied consistently for all students through the Code of Conduct.
Administration (Principal and/or Assistant Principal) handles situations regarding my child quickly and appropriately.
The Guidance office handles situations regarding my child quickly and appropriately.
The school looks clean and inviting.
The school Facebook page is easy to use and current with information.
The school website is easy to use and current with information.
What is your preferred method of communication regarding campus activities and events?
Please choose any/all that apply.
I know I have 24-hour access to my child's grades and attendance via FOCUS School Software.
I am registered on the FOCUS school software system to check my child's grades, attendance, and academic progress.
I feel my child's grades are updated in a timely manner.
We have access to the internet...
Please choose any/all that apply.
The school provides translators when needed for students with English as a second language.
I have had a Parent / Teacher Conference this school year.
If you replied YES to having a Parent / Teacher Conference this school year, were you provided the information or assistance you needed to help your child?
Please elaborate if needed on the "other" option.
School personnel are friendly and helpful to students, parents and visitors.
All cultural groups are treated with respect.
All cultural groups are encouraged to participate in all school activities.
Faculty, students, and parents work together to make the school better.
As a parent, I feel there are opportunities for me to volunteer in the school.
I am willing to help and volunteer on the LJH campus.
Students are recognized by teachers and administrators for positive academics and behavior (via awards assemblies, positive behavior events, positive referrals, etc.).
I can meet with school administrators within a reasonable time period.
I can meet with my child's teachers within a reasonable time period.
Exceptional Student Education students are included in classrooms with the proper academic support.
Students who are English Language Learners are included in the regular classroom with the proper support.
The school provides workshops or programs to help parents support the learning needs of their child.
Please provide any additional comments and/or suggestions you may have for our campus. THANK YOU for completing this survey!
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