2016-2017 WSISD Parent Survey
Blue Haze families, we value your input and reflections as we continuously strive to improve! Please take a few moments to complete this quick parent survey. Thank you!
The staff at my child's school models the belief that every student has purpose and value.
The staff at my child's school works together as a team to ensure that all students are successful.
I feel welcomed at my child's school.
I am adequately informed about activities at my child's school.
Staff morale at my child's school is high.
Student morale at my child's school is high.
The staff members at my child's school are approachable, and they address my concerns courteously.
When I communicate with my child's school regarding a concern, I receive a response in a timely manner.
My child's principal is actively leading our school towards educational excellence.
My child's school is safe.
My child's school encourages parent/family involvement.
I feel comfortable speaking with my child's teacher about my child's progress.
My child's teacher(s) have high expectations for all students that are communicated clearly.
My child's teacher(s) and the school provide me with useful information to help ensure that my child is successful academically.
My child's school provides information so I can monitor my child's progress and understand state standards and assessments.
How can our campus improve Parent/Family Involvement (i.e. events, programs, homework help, etc.)?
Your answer
In addition to Mad Scientist Night, Healthy Families Rally, etc. what other types of parent involvement events can WSISD provide?
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