DRI-MEE: Drying and Rewetting, Integrating Modelling and Empirical Environments
We are organizing a 2-day workshop on the influence of soil moisture and the hydrological cycle on the functioning of soil microorganisms and biogeochemical cycling. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from modelling and empirical environments in order to identify knowledge-gaps and tackle emerging challenges.

Please, sign up below and click on the following link to pay the workshop fee if you are not a BECC member (500 SEK):

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Workshop survey
For this workshop, we have developed a novel workflow, whereby attendees are invited to participate in an initial survey to identify a set of core questions to be addressed during the workshop.

Since we know how precious your time is, we made sure this survey will not take more than 10 minutes. Moreover, we do not want you to leave empty-handed, take this survey and you will be entered into a lottery to win a mysterious funny prize.
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