Read and complete this form carefully. After elimination, we will contact with you via e-mail.
Selection criteria for participants is the motivation letters. Also we will keep in mind diversity between countries and genders

Yurt içi başvuruları henüz açılmamıştır. Yurt içi başvuru tarihleri için sosyal medya hesaplarımızı ve sitemizi takipte kalınız. (Domestic applications have not yet been filed. Stay in touch with our social media accounts and site for domestic application dates.)
CivilCon’20 will take place on 27-28-29 February and 1-2 March 2020 (5 nights 5 days). Participation fee includes seminars, technical tours, workshops, transportation during the organization, accommodation, meals and social activities.

Price doesn’t include flight ticket. It will be purchased by attendees.

The only criterion that is going to be noticed at the participant selections is the answer to this question; “Why do you want to join CivilCon’20?” Having your answer in the motivation letter style will give you plus points.

CivilCon Prices

Group A (130 Euro)

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Group B (120 Euro)

Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan

Group C (110 Euro)

Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, India, Iran, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Peru, Romania, Serbia, Nepal, Tunisia

Group D (100 Euro)

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Sudan, Ukrain, Pakistan


Participants who want to apply from a country that does not take place on our list should contact with us about prices.

If dolar is used as currency in your country, you can pay participation fee with dolar.(140 Dolar for Group A country, 130 Dolar for Group B country, 120 Dolar for Group C country, 110 Dolar for Group D country)

See you at CivilCon'20 …
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