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Thanks for your trust letting TechieMatter be your company Tech-Hiring Arm.

Kindly fill this form correctly and in detailed way so you can empower us with all the info needed to get you the right candidate in short time. Also, Keep in your mind that this form is per one candidate, So if you are looking for 2 candidates for the same company or same role, copy what's repeated in another screen and paste them in the new candidate form.

For any help, Please contact Muhammad Abu Elgheit on ( and we will be happy helping you!
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Please make it in range format - also mention the currency as well
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You must mention the technologies if it's a software-based job, the type of the product/service if it's a product-based or design-based job
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Candidate Background *
Do you agree to hire students or fresh grads if they have the required experience throughout their study years? *
Any Filtration Criteria? *
Specific University Graduate? - Living Location? - Military Status? - Certificates or specific course/diploma? - Skills - Preferred freelance or team working experience - Willingness to relocate / work remotely ? - ... etc)
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Once you find the candidate, when do you plan for him/her to join your team?
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(Medical Insurance - Social Insurance - Working Conditions - Days off - Transportation - ... etc)
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Company Profile / Why should people work at your company? *
you can mention here your history, culture, team members, team size, .. anything related to your company profile rather than the benefits question above
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Your Hiring Process? *
What are the steps and timeline the candidates will go though? Do you have a test at the beginning, phone call or online meeting? What comes next? An assignment, onsite interview .. etc.?
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Any documents to attach?
Put a link for any other documents you'd to include like company profile, team culture or an assignment for candidates.
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Job Posting Policies
we use several sourcing techniques to reach out the best talent for you, please tell us to which extent you'd like to share info about the vacancy. The more to share, the more to attract talent.
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Do you have any other notes you want us to consider?
If you prefer to hide info, we may share some of them privately during the phone interview. Please tell us if you have any concerns to comply with your company policies.
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