K.A.R. 2023 Winter/Spring Band Registration
Welcome to Kalamazoo Academy of Rock!  Please complete a registration form for each student musician by Friday, December 16.
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Does your student musician have any food allergies, other medical conditions (epilepsy, bee stings, significant asthma, etc.), special behavioral needs (ADHD, autism, extreme anxiety, etc.), or other information that would be helpful for us to know about (i.e. could cause an emergency or issue at rehearsal or a performance) *
If yes, please share details or contact KAR staff directly to discuss
Instruments & Vocals *
This session runs from the week of Jan 8 through late April.  Please confirm which of the following weekly rehearsal days/times would work. *
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Monday afternoon
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Saturday afternoon
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Please tell us what kind of band(s) your student musician is interested in... *
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Regular KAR Cover Band
Songwriting Band (writing and performing original music)
Acoustic Band (like Coffee House but in a band - "unplugged" e.g. Brandi Carlile, Eagles, etc.)
2 Bands: Cover Band & Songwriting Band
2 Bands: Cover Band & Acoustic Band
2 Bands: Acoustic Band & Songwriting Band
A note about students' rehearsal attendance... Missing one rehearsal is not a big inconvenience unless it’s right before the show.  Missing two rehearsals is still something your band can usually cope with.  Missing three or more rehearsals is tough and we may need to look at re-assigning parts. *
If we have to cancel a band rehearsal or two (due to illness, significant absences, etc.) and it's not near showtime we might not make it up.  If we have to miss more rehearsals then we'll do our best to schedule make-up rehearsals.  Most important is that the band is ready. *
We ask all our students to take private lessons while they're in band. If you have a lesson teacher outside K.A.R. that's OK as long as they're willing to help learn band songs as needed. Our lessons are billed separately from band tuition on a monthly basis (2023 rates: $37 for 45 minutes, $25 for 30, $50 for 60).  Please tell us your lesson status. *
If you're taking lessons outside K.A.R. please share your lesson teacher's name:
If you're taking lessons outside K.A.R. please share your teacher's email address:
We may take photos and videos at shows and rehearsals and may post them publicly on social media, use in promotional materials, etc.   *
We are requiring singers to bring their own microphone to rehearsals and shows and not share microphones to help avoid illness. If your musician is singing, do you have a microphone? *
Parent/Guardian 1 Name *
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Parent/Guardian 2 Name
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Winter/Spring 2023 is a longer session (about 4 months) and band tuition is $525 for varsity bands, $335 for workshop bands. (Not including lessons)   *
What email address should we use for billing? *
Some venues we play have required proof of Covid vaccine or proof of a negative test 48-72 hours or less before entry for all guests AND performers.   *
Please confirm you can attend these show dates (what we know so far... we may need to add additional dates depending on how many bands) *
Cannot attend this show
Sunday April 23 - Final Gravity Kzoo - Afternoon
Sunday April 23 - Final Gravity Kzoo - Evening
Monday April 24 - Final Gravity Kzoo - Evening
Tues April 25 - Bell's - Evening
Weds April 26 - Bell's - Evening
Thank you!  Do you have any additional comments or questions?  Feedback on your band experience or lessons or other topics from last session? 
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