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To what extent do you have consistent, strong, trustable relationships with other men whom you can depend upon for support whatever you're going through? *
I'm basically going it alone in life
I'm consistently surrounded by extraordinary men up to big things whom I can always count on for support
To what extent are you consistently living every day connected to your deepest life purpose? *
I have no idea what my purpose is
I live every day fully aligned with what is most important to me
To what extent do you have genuine and fulfilling intimacy with others (romantic and/or otherwise)?   *
I struggle to be open and vulnerable within my relationship(s)
I consistently have deep and profound relationships with my romantic partner(s) and others
To what extent do you feel connected/fulfilled with your family relationships (parents, children, siblings, and extended family)? *
I don't have close relationships with my family
I have meaningful relationships with my close and extended family members
To what extent do you have established spiritual practices (religious or otherwise) that enhance your daily life? *
What the heck is spirituality?
I'm a levitating guru / sitting next to God/Buddha/Allah
Where are you already playing big (excelling) in your life? (Be specific: What are you doing to play big? What does it look like? Who is benefiting?) *
Where are you "playing small" in your relationship (where your behavior hurts you, your partner, or others)?* *
What are 3 specific changes you would like to see in your relationship experience over the next 6 months? *
Why? What would the payoff be? What would success around those 3 goals / intentions give you? Who would benefit (besides you)? *
What are your biggest obstacles to accomplishing those? *
What's likely to happen if things don't change, or get worse? What do you think it may cost you? *
Coaching with Bryan is financially within reach for most people, yet many use money-fear as an excuse to do nothing. Are you prepared to invest yourself – emotionally, mentally, AND financially – to create the changes you desire? *
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