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Building a business, developing new skills, or just growing as a person can be challenging. That’s why Muslamic Makers is working on the Mentorpreneur platform. Designed to help Muslims access expertise and advance in knowledge, the programme offers an opportunity to make a genuine difference. Mentorship could range from validating business ideas, career guidance, or just general life advice from someone with the experience.

We're launching a platform soon to test an idea of making it easy for people to come across amazing Muslim Mentors like yourself and book in time to be mentored quickly, using calendly, and we would like you to be part of it!

What we need from you:
- Fill in this form
- Please create an account in calendly and select your available slots. We recommend at least 30 minutes slots. Pick your favorite platform
- Add your calender link to this form
- Once filled we'll add your details to our open platform and you'll start getting people booking in time for a chat.

To mentor others, you need the right skills and approach.

You should have:

The ability to listen and empathise

Respect for other people’s views and ideas

A willingness to help and ability to guide others in making decisions without force

Experiences you are willing to share

The time to offer your skills.

Have a read of our code of conduct to understand the required commitment.

Got what it takes? Fill in the form below. Thank you in advance for applying!
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We’ve found that having a recommendation from someone you have mentored or interacted with in the past gives a lot of value to the mentee and helps them select a mentor who has a compatible style. Do you have someone who can recommend you? If so please provide them with the following link, and once they complete the form their recommendation will be added to your profile.
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