Just Between Friends Williamson County Valet Consignor Information
At JBF Williamson County we bring together hundreds of families who get the chance to drop off their items for us to sell for them to thousands of shoppers in 28,000 sq ft of bargains! It's a savings extravaganza and the perfect way to CLEAN out and CA$H in! This means you can clean out your items NOW and we email the check directly to you after the event!

Learn more at our website: www.williamsoncounty.jbfsale.com


There are 2 ways to sell with JBF:

1. CONSIGN - Prepare & price your own items using our online tagging system. Then, simply drop them off during the drop off period at the beginning of the sales event to earn 60% of your sales. You can earn 70% if you help at the sale for at least 4 hours the week of the sale.
2. VALET CONSIGN - Drop off your items with one of our experienced valet taggers, they price, prepare, store, & take the items to the sale for you! With Valet Consigning you earn 45% of your sold items and 55% if you help at the sale for at least 4 hours the week of the sale.

How does Valet Consigning work?
It’s very easy!

1- Fill out this quick online form so we can help you set up a reservation. Our Valet Tagging Coordinator, Michell, will make contact with you and connect you with your very own Valet Tagger who will then assist you with every step.
2- You then gather your items and hand them off to your Valet Tagger and your work is DONE! The tagger will then inspect, prep, price, and store your items. She will then transport all your items to the sale and place them on the sales floor during drop off.
3- All you need to do is sit back and wait for your check!

--------------------FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS--------------------

What do I earn?
You will earn 45% (or 55% if you help at the sale) of your sold items minus any fees.

Do I still get a presale pass?
Yes! You will qualify for a consignor presale pass and you will receive 1 friend pass. Your tagger will give you a presale pass when you drop off your items.

Can I still help during the sale and qualify for an earlier presale and an extra 10%?
Yes! We LOVE our Team Members and have a great time! You only need to help for at least one four hour shift to qualify for the extra 10% and better presale pass. Remember the more you help the earlier you shop!

When is the deadline?
The deadline to sign up is Friday, April 17 and the deadline to have your items to your tagger with is Friday, April 24. Because the spots in valet are VERY limited we may close the sign ups early if the spots fill up. Your spot is not guaranteed until your items are with your tagger. This means that if someone signs up and drops off items before you, they will take priority. It is very important that you give your items to your tagger ASAP so they can reserve your spot. The demand of this program grows each sale so our best advice is to not wait, sign up TODAY and get your items to your tagger ASAP.

Do you take big items (furniture, outside toys, baby equipment, etc.)?
Yes! These are the items that will dramatically help grow your check so please feel free to let us help you clear out the clutter. When it is time to meet with your Valet tagger, please make sure they know if you are bringing large items so that they can make the proper arrangements. Also, please make sure these items are clean and ready for the sales floor. If your item requires assembly, please be sure you send ALL the pieces as it will be assembled on the sales floor for shoppers.

How do the items get to the sale?
Your Valet Tagger takes care of all of this for you! Once they have the items in their possession, they will handle the rest and you just wait for your check to come via email up to 2 weeks after the sale.

What happens to my items after the sale?
You get to decide if you want to donate your items to our participating charity partner or come pick them up. Some taggers will offer to pick up their valet consignor's items for a fee. Please ask your tagger or our valet tagging coordinator, Michell, for more details.

After I pick up my unsold items from the sale, can I take them to other JBF sales or bring them back for the next JBF Williamson County sale?
Absolutely! That is the beauty of JBF! Once your items are tagged, you can take them to any JBF sale in the United States or Canada! Why not try to send them to another JBF event because the perfect buyer might come to that sale.

How will I know how to get my items ready for my tagger?
Don't worry! We have a simple checklist to help guide you. We tag thousands of items for people and need to keep our system efficient. By having you prep your items using our instructions, it also helps ensure that you are sending quality items and it helps us make sure that we can help you earn the most money.

What is your best advice for a Valet Consignor?
BE PICKY! Our Valet Taggers are our pickiest inspectors! They are instructed to not let anything into the sale that would not meet our JBF standards. Remember, our JBF shoppers expect the best, so that is what we expect from our consignors. Our other piece of advice is to follow the checklist that your tagger will send you. This will help you prep your items for your tagger.

What should I send my items in?
Cardboard boxes or old tubs you don’t need back are perfect. Clothes sent in trash bags will not be accepted because they are hard to sort and wrinkle too easily. Please keep in mind that we cannot store any tubs, bags, etc. for you so please don’t send something you need back.

Why should I group my items and be sure they are clean?
We require our Valet Consignors to group their items by outfit and size to help make the tagging process as easy as possible for the Valet Tagger. This also helps because then the tagger is not having to guess at what goes together or what you would want as a seller. All of your items need to be clean and ready for the sales floor to help ensure that you can make the most money possible in your JBF check.

Is there a limit or minimum to the number of items that I can send a Valet Tagger?
No, there isn’t a limit or minimum.

What supplies does JBF provide?
JBF and our taggers will provide the ink, cardstock, printing services, safety pins, zipties, and a few other basic supplies. JBF provides the hangers for you as well at our cost that we buy them from our wholesaler for .10 a piece (taken out of your check). Be sure that all of your items are folded, bagged, or pinned together if you are sending sets. JBF tries to avoid bagging items for you because we do not want to guess at how you would like your items sold. Please place items that you want sold together in bags (pieces for a toy, sets of bottles, etc.) Be sure that all of your items have working batteries because it is a standard for JBF to charge $5 for each item that does not have working batteries. This is because items that don’t have working batteries don’t sell since shoppers aren’t sure if they work. We do this to help you earn more money and to help reassure our shoppers that they are getting the best from JBF.

What do the Valet fees cover?
Supplies, storage, transporting the items, the tagger’s time and expertise, administration duties, hosting the sale, etc.

How do I avoid the sorting/ cleaning fee?
This fee is charged for the tagger's time in cases where a consignor sends their items unsorted (mixed sizes & genders), not matched (when a tagger must make outfits, groups of toys, etc.), dirty (some taggers will spot clean an item for their consignor so it can be put in the sale (this isn't guaranteed) and their time and efforts should be compensated).

What if I am a heavy smoker or have animal fur on my clothing/ baby items?
We are so sorry, but these items cannot be accepted. They are extremely hard to clean and in some cases impossible. We also have many families with high allergies and for their protection we must say, "No thank you" to these items. If a tagger receives items that have heavy smells, pet hair, etc. they have the right to say no thank you to all of the items and have the consignor come pick them up. We thank you for your understanding.

What seasons do you accept?
Spring/ Summer Sale-- We only accept Spring and Summer items for our May sale.
Fall/ Winter Sale-- We accept all seasons because Texas weather is so unpredictable.


1- Fill out this quick online form so we can make your reservation.
2- We will contact you and get you started!
3- Get your items to your tagger and then wait for your check!

Who do I contact with questions or to make an appointment?

Michell Randolph, Valet Tagging Coordinator

Nicole Euting, JBF Williamson County Event Coordinator & Owner
call or text (512)296-1165
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