Thrifting Bus Tours - Store Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions to be considered as a Thrifting Bus Tour Stop. SUBMIT ONE FORM FOR EACH STORE IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE LOCATION!
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Store Name *
Complete Store Street Address, City, ST,  Zip Code *
What Florida COUNTY is you store located in? *
Store Telephone Number *
Contact Name & Telephone # if different than above. *
Contact Email Address *
In Store Contact (if different than above)
Does your store have social media pages - check those that apply. *
Does your store have a website? What is it?
What is your store type? (Choose ONE that best describes your store) *
What is the approximate square footage of your store *
How many dressing rooms do you have in your store? DO NOT INCLUDE RESTROOM
Do you have a restroom our passengers can use? *
What type of merchandise does your store carry? (Select all that apply) *
Are there any other stores in your plaza or within walking distance that are a resale type store? If so please list the store name and a contact name (if you know one).

Would your store be able to provide a special discount, gift giveaway, gift card for day of, or goody bag? 

Note: We have plenty of cold water for our entire day, but there are times when it would be nice to have a coffee station (1st stop of the day) or a refreshing beverage (Lemonade, Iced Tea).  You could offer one of these. 

None of the above are required, we just ask!

We give you the opportunity to come on the bus and make an announcement about your store/mission, using our microphone. This is the perfect time to announce any specials or explain your store pricing structure. Would you like this opportunity?

Give us a brief description about your store. Have you been in business a long time? Does your store support a charity or have a mission?

We can not guarantee a bus tour to every store and we are forming a waitlist now. We can only run as many buses as we can sell out and for the availability of Hostesses. PLEASE NOTE: We also can not run tours in the event of a storm, or another outbreak/shutdown. We will do the best to make up any cancelled tours, but it will be on the availability of buses.

Thank you for submitting our Thrifting Bus Tours Store Questionnaire - We will be excited to promote your store! 
We will be contacting you about our upcoming schedules and plans for your store!
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