Travel I-20 Request
If you are not in Houghton or near Michigan Tech and wish to travel outside of the States but do not have a valid travel signature, meaning the travel signature must still be within 6-month period of the signed signature by the time you come back to the United States, then you will have to fill out this form.

Preferably, this form must be filled out at least 1 month before your travel date so there is time for us to process and send out your new I-20.
Email address *
Name *
M number *
MTU Email address *
What is the date of the latest signature on the 2nd page of your current I-20? (mm/dd/yyyy) *
Will you pick it up in person at IPS Office? *
If you answered "No" above, please provide your friend's name that will pick it up for you. *
When are you travelling? *
If you want it mailed, what is the mailing address? Please make sure you include an apartment number if there is one and include the zip code. *
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