Animal Exhibitor Application
Exhibitor: A member of the CHS or a person invited by the CHS including official representatives of select organizations that are displaying or watching an animal or animals. *Required
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How many 6 foot tables do you need? *
Be sure your tables are appealing, tidy and informative!
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Exhibiting days *
To maintain the quality of ReptileFest throughout the weekend, we respectfully request you to commit to both days if you are displaying live animals.
When will you be setting up? *
Loading dock space is limited. Please leave extra time for unloading and set up. You must be finished setting up your display by 9:45 a.m and be at your table by 9:50 am sharp on both days.
Is this your first time exhibiting? *
Do you have any special requirements or requests? (ex.- Electrical needs, space requirements, extra chairs etc.)
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What animals will you be bringing? *
ReptileFest is an educational event. Please list both the scientific (genus and species) and common name of the animals you are likely to bring. If you are not bringing animals, list none or N/A.
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Are you a current member of the Chicago Herpetological Society
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