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Share a Share is a cost sharing program--funded by donations from other Three Sisters Farm members--that provides financial assistance to limited income households for purchasing CSA produce shares. We will contribute between 30%-60% of total share cost (up to $300) toward a share payment.

Assistance is granted on a sliding scale based on the Federal Poverty Level. To receive assistance you must be at or below 185% FPL
FPL | Percentage of Share eligible for assistance
120% or less | 60%
140% to 121% | 50%
160% to 141% | 40%
185% to 161% |30%
FPL (Federal Poverty Level). Here is a link to help you determine if you are at or below 185% FPL. Income is based on your projected overall household income for the current year. You will be asked to provide previous year income tax returns along with a written description of any changes to your current year's income.
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