Westview Community Survey - All Questions Are Optional
This survey is meant for people that live in Westview, the historic neighborhood in southwest Atlanta.
The goal of this public non scientific-survey is to promote transparency, a
Who are you?
Which of the following apply to you?
What skills or equipment would help you out right now? In what ways might your neighbors help you out?
Is there a dead tree hanging over your house? Are you looking for ways to keep your kids busy?
Do you have a skill or equipment that you're willing to share with the neighborhood? In what case should neighbors ask for your help?
Which Westview Community Organization efforts?
What (if any) specific street intersections or areas in Westview are dangerous, in a state of disrepair, or otherwise need cleaning?
What past or current Westview events and activities are you involved with?
What type of Westview events and activities are interested in?
What do you like MOST about Westview?
What do you like LEAST about Westview?
Your Name
How do you prefer to be contacted by neighbors?
Your Email
Your Phone Number
Would you be willing to donate money to the Westview Community Organization's general fund to improve Westview?
Would you be interested in sponsoring Westview Community Organization ("WCO") programs?
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