The Critical Nature of Picture Books in Elementary Classrooms

Instructor: Nancy Daigle
Location: Thatcher Brook Primary School Library, 47 School Street, Waterbury, Vermont

Dates: Wednesday’s , Sept.18-Dec 4, 2019
Time: 13 sessions, 4:00-7:00 pm

Course Description:
An introduction to a range of children’s literature and methods to integrate picture books into the elementary school classroom, utilizing the Red Clover Book Award titles for 2020.

Course Goals:
Participants will participate in a community of learners and readers while exploring the children’s literature featured within the Red Clover Book Award titles, examine the role that children’s literature plays in an elementary school classroom, and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional methods using children’s literature across the curriculum.

Course Outcomes:
Participants will:
● read, discuss, compare and evaluate a variety of children’s literature.
● identify the genres of children’s literature and examples for each.
● Interpret the relationship between text and illustrations in picture books and their impact on learners
● explain the role of children’s literature in the development of reading and writing skills.
● Identify enrichment materials for a variety of titles to enhance instruction

Course Content:
● Reading, discussing and evaluating a variety of children’s literature
● Review genres of children’s literature
● Consider age and reading level appropriateness of various children’s books
● Learn instructional strategies as they relate to using children’s literature across the curriculum
● Address the connection between text and illustrations
● Introduction to and study of Red Clover nominees for 2020

Cost: Credit (3 credits through Castleton) - $1200
Noncredit Cost: $825

Please email Nancy Daigle with course questions:

Other questions, please email Juliette Longchamp at Vermont-NEA at

Minimum Class Attendance: 10 Participants
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