Application for Artists-In-Residence: Fall 2018
Deadline for Submission: June 30, 2018 11:59 PM EST

Artists-In-ATHICA Residency Program

Through the support of The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation, the Artists-in-ATHICA Residency program enables up to six artists per year to participate in a collaborative residency at ATHICA. The purpose of the residency is to foster the development of artists and their artistic works and to enrich the programmatic offerings and community experience provided by ATHICA. The residency provides administrative support, exhibition and performance facilities, and a small stipend to up to two artists per cycle. The stipend amount may vary based on duration and scope of project. Room and board will not be provided. However, ATHICA will work with out-of-town residents to identify low- and no-cost housing option for periods in which they must be on-site.

Artists may work in any or multiple disciplines and traditions, including but not limited to visual, curatorial, musical, performing, written, experimental, cinematic, digital, and theatrical arts. The work undertaken in the residency can be in a familiar or new discipline. Residents can work independently, collaborate with others, and/or work as a team. For the Fall 2018 cycle, proposals that focus on presenting a programming series in areas of unmet needs are of particular interest. Examples might include a series of spoken word events, a documentary film viewing and discussion series, or a set of workshops for high school students.

Interested applicants should submit a proposal that describes the project to be undertaken, including an educational component and an estimate of the residence schedule and duration. Proposals will be evaluated on the following:
(1) programming value, educational value, and/or appeal to under-served audiences
(2) concept (intriguing, off-beat, fully-considered, detailed)
(3) feasibility (can it be accomplished with proposed time and resources?)
(4) artistic promise as evidenced in support materials.

A proposal with links to up to three support files (images, videos, sounds, or other documentation) may be submitted for review; in some cases, additional or different work may be requested for review. All works must be submitted as links in this online entry form. For assistance with submission of images as links, see:

Your entry fee of $10.00 goes to sustain the gallery, which is a 100% community-supported and 100% volunteer organization, providing a space for artists in Athens for over 16 years. ATHICA provides a limited number of fee waivers for those in financial need.

To enter, complete this form and submit $10.00 to via Paypal. Be sure to include the name and email address used on the submission form in the notes on your PayPal payment (many people have different PayPal names than their real names) so that your payment can be properly registered. Only those entries with paid entry fees will be considered.

Upon selection, applicants will develop and execute a final plan for their residency in conjunction with ATHICA that will include:
-- the specific creative project to be undertaken and presented at ATHICA during the residency
-- the presentation at ATHICA of an educational event such as a talk or workshop related to the residency discipline and/or the creative work produced
-- a schedule of on-site hours in residence, including serving as gallery docent for up to 25 hours during the residency

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