Eclipse Modeling Package - Luna Release
What would be your primary usage of the Eclipse Modeling package ? *
How often do you use the Modeling package ? *
What about having a fast modeling package ? *
short startup times, tools compilation times, general usage.
I don't care
The most important thing to me
A small modeling package *
The installed product size on your disk.
I don't care about the size.
100Mb ought to be enough for anybody
A stable modeling package *
I like to use bleeding edges technologies
Only proven technologies should be in the package
An integrated user experience *
A domain-focused UI instead of a component focused one. Consistency in icons, wizards, ways to configure the projects.
The current user experience of modeling technologies is fine by me
All the projects should behave consistently.
Filled with documentation *
Embedded documentation, examples, tutorials, cheatsheets.
I'm ok searching the web/newsgroup/wiki
Documentation is the most important thing to me.
A strong visual identity *
Splashscreen, theme.
Eclipse SDK's branding is just fine
Specific branding is a must have.
What would be your prefered way to support work in these areas ? *
Make sure to leave an email at the end of the survey if you want me to reach out to you.
What do you do ? *
Any other idea for the Modeling package ?
Any other concern, any component you think should be included ?
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