Arlington after school care survey
Dear Parents,

This is a short survey to determine what the current needs are for after school care at various elementary schools in Arlington. We will release the results of the survey once we have data from all schools in the district. Thank you in advance for your time!
What school does your child currently attend or will attend in the coming school year?
How many children in your family are between the ages of 1-4?
How many children in your family are between the ages of 5-11?
How many children in your family are between the ages of 12-14
Are you currently using any child care arrangements for your children?
If you are using after school care, which type of care are you using?
Is this your preferred choice for after school care?
If you answered no to the question above, please specify what your preferred choice for care type would be?
How much time (looking, applying, waitlists) did it take you to secure your preferred after school care?
Would you be interested in using after school care at your elementary school if it were a readily available option for all families that were interested?
Have you been able to secure after school care for the 2018-2019 school year?
If you need after school care, what hours would you like to have care offered?
Which days of the week do you anticipate you would need after school care?
Are there any suggestions or specific concerns you have related to after school care in Arlington?
Your answer
We anticipate that a group of parents will be presenting this data to the Arlington School Committee as part of an effort to get increased support for after school care district wide. Would you be interested in helping with this effort? If yes, please provide your name and email below.
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